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The National Camp for the Blind, sponsored by the Christian Record Foundation, offers Kansas kids the chance to attend Camp Broken Arrow June 18 through 25. National Camps for Blind Children began in 1967 with one camp and 23 visually impaired campers. During the past 39 years, 47,514 Campers have attended 871 camps. This special program is designed to place emphasis on the ability rather than on the disability of visually impaired individuals.

To discover undeveloped potential, increase self-confidence, improve mental/physical vigor, and develop an appreciation for God s love and care are the objectives of NCBC.

These camps are operated by well-qualified staff. Special safety precautions are taken in all areas of the program. Prior to camp, counselors and staff attend orientation dealing with blind persons. Typically, one counselor is assigned to each four campers. Medical staff is on duty 24 hours a day.

Depending on facilities and equipment available, activities include archery, beeper baseball , Bible study, boat riding, camp council, campfire, canoeing, crafts, go-carts, hay rack rides, health & wellness hiking, horseback riding, jet skis, music, nature study, nature walks, rappelling, riding mini bikes, rock climbing, sailing, swimming ,talent program ,tandem bicycling, touch-and-feel trail, water-skiing, and white-water rafting

Registration begins at 4 p m on the day camp starts, and departure on closing day is between 8 and 9 a m at most camps. All campers are responsible for their own transportation to and from camp. Campers pay merely a $35 application fee. The week of camping is made available to blind persons free of charge because of the generosity of civic-minded and caring individuals. Family, friends, community leaders and interested persons are particularly invited to visit on the day of the talent program. This is often on Thursday, but you are encouraged to call the number below to verify.

For more information, contact Engel Yoder, 1950 Sagebrush Road, Olsburg, Kansas 66520. Phone: (785)-546-2280.

Editor’s Note: I had the pleasure of visiting Camp Broken Arrow many years ago. A highlight of that trip was getting to drive and steer their garden tractor using only verbal directions from Mr. Yoder. I’m not sure that Pell, my guide dog at the time ever forgave me for that adventure!


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