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Mission Statement:

K A B V I was founded in 1920 and is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Comprised totally of volunteers, all activities are conducted by individuals contributing their own time and resources. Programs are made possible by much appreciated contributions.

K A B V I strives to increase the independence, opportunity and quality of life for blind and visually impaired Kansans, and to assist us in taking our rightful place as equals among our sighted peers.

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    KABVI Officers
    Chairman of the Board & President:   Michael Byington
    Vice-President:    Paul Berscheidt
    Recording Secretary:   Nancy Johnson
    Treasurer:   Robert Chaffin
    Membership Secretary:  Julie McCullough
    Corresponding Secretary:   Ann Byington

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    KABVI Board Members
    Nancy Johnson
    Phone: H:   785-234-8449
    Email:  supermom1941@cox.net
    Tamara Kearney
    Ann Byington 
    909 SW College Ave
    Topeka KS 66606
    Phone: H 785-233-3839
    Cell: 785-224-9769
    Email: abyington@cox.net
    Julie McCullough
    E-mail:   juliemccullough319@gmaill.com
    Bill Moore 
    5141 NW Rochester Rd
    Topeka Ks 66617
    Phone: 785-286-3467
    E-mail: billy.moore@ks.gov
    Paul Berscheidt 
    Email: webmaster@kabvi.com
    Robert Chaffin 
    1105 Centennial Boulevard
    Hays KS 67601
    Phone: 785-628-2873
    E-mail: chaffin@ruraltel.net
    Velma Johnson
    Phone: 620 792 7833
    Michael Byington 
    909 SW College Ave
    Topeka KS 66606
    Phone: H 785-233-3839
    Cell: 785-221-7111
    E-mail: byington@cox.net


    Carolyn Thomasen
    Cell Phone: 


    Henry Staub
    E-mail: hstaub@cox.net
     Katherine Dawson
    Phone: H
    E-mail:  kdawson8952@cox.net

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    KABVI Committees

    Purpose: Review letters of nomination for the Eleanor A. Wilson and Extra Step awards, obtain and present the awards at the annualmeeting/convention


    Members: Ruby Simmonds

    2020 Convention Planning:  

    Purpose: Plans and coordinates KABVI’s annual convention – locating facilities, presenters, exhibiters, caterers, etc., as needed. 

    Chair: Ann Byington


    Michael Byington

    Tamara Kearney

    Julie McCullough


    Youth Activities

    Purpose:  Increase KABVI’s contacts with children, youth, and parents across the state. Develop activities for families with blind children or blind parents with sighted children. Work with the Multigenerational Workgroup in conjunction with the Kansas School for the Blind.

    Chair:  Nancy Johnson

    Members: Ann Bjyington

                         Scharna Doll

    Nominating Committee:

    Purpose:  Contacts members to locate individuals interested and willing to serve on the Board of Directors and officers and preside over elections at the annual meeting/convention.

    Chair:  Bill Moore

    Members:  Julie McCullough

                         Scharna Doll,

                         Bob Chaffin


    Purpose: Monitors activities of the Kansas legislature for activity that affects blind and visually impaired persons, and organizes members to respond through phone calls, letters, or testimony as appropriate.

    Chair:   Michael Byington




    Purpose:  Keep database up-to-date, work to increase membership in KABVI across the state.

    Chair: Carolyn Thomason 

    Members:   Nancy Johnson

    Public Relations:

    Purpose:  Improve KABVI’s visibility in communities across Kansas by participation in resource fairs, health fairs, or other community education activities. Develop and present programs such as fall prevention, prevention of vision loss, etc. Develop “how to” videos for YouTube or other presentations.

    Chair:  TBA



    Purpose:  Submit items regarding blindness/vision impairment and other items of special interest. (Pets, food, travel, as examples.)

    Chair: Nancy Johnson 


    2020 Scholarship:

    Purpose:  Send annual notice of scholarship, review applications, and determine scholarship awards.

    Chair:  Ann Byington


    Julie McCullough,

    Kathy Dawson

    2020 Fund Raising:

    Purpose: Develops and coordinates activities to raise money to meet KABVI’s expenses and support its projects.

    Chair:  Bob Chaffin

    Members: Paul Berscheidt, Ann Byington

    2020 Technology 

    Purpose:   Guide the organization regarding all things technological – phones, computers, etc.

    Chair: Paul Berscheidt

    Members: Bob Chaffin, Henry Staub, Carolyn Thomason


    Constitution Committee:

    Purpose:  Guides KABVI’s activities so they conform to its constitution and directives of the Internal Revenue Service. Guides the membership through making changes in the constitution when necessary.

    Chair: Michael Byington




    Videography Committee:

    Chair: Ann


    Nancy?, Kathy, Bill, Henry,




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    DSB Advisory Committee:
    delegates: TO BE ANNOUNCED
    KSSB Advisory Board:

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    K A B V I members serve on advisory councils and committees, including those addressing issues such as:

  • Rehabilitation training in the skills and techniques of blindness and low vision for people who are blind and visually impaired
  • Library services (out-reach availability of materials in Braille, large print, recorded and downloadable digital formats)
  • Assistive Technology for Kansans Project (identifies and provides information regarding assistive technology and ways to obtain it for disabled Kansans)
  • Special education (relevant to the Ks. State school for the blind and special education issues and policies for other educational programs in Kansas public schools)
  • Members also offer consultation to private agencies that provide services to people who are blind or visually impaired.

    In order to ensure that blind and visually impaired persons throughout the state are aware of important events and happenings that may have direct impact upon them, K A B V I provides information about statewide events to local affiliates.

    The organization advocates for guide dog users and their right to public access. It also provides support and technical consultation to Kansas Specialty Dog Service.

    K A B V I' s annual convention each fall brings together consumers, professionals, and interested parties to discuss issues of importance which impact Kansans who are blind or visually impaired.

    The K A B V I legislative committee informs public officials regarding how proposed legislation would affect blind Kansans, and has introduced legislation such as clarification for non-drivers license as a legal form of identification.

    In 1999 and more recently in 2004, KABVI successfully lobbied to save funding for KS Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. KABVI, in conjunction with other service animal training programs and advocates, helped to do a major re-write of the Kansas White Cane Law to clarify guide and service dog access rights.

    In 2006, KABVI worked with the State Library to garner funds from the legislature to raise salaries at sub regional Libraries which provide Talking Books throughout the state. These workers had not had a raise since 1998 and their programs were threatened with closure due to lack of funds.

    In 2007, KABVI assisted the State Library to acquire a $76,500 allocation to do an extensive out-reach program for Talking Books.

    We will go to the legislature this year to make this an ongoing budget item.

    During the 1930s, K A B V I introduced and fostered passage of the first legislation ever to result in blind adult Kansas residents receiving rehabilitation services from the State. K A B V I continues to work with government officials for more efficient and effective services for blind citizens

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    K A B V I is an affiliated organization of the American Council of the Blind, an advocacy organization that provides access to a nation-wide network of people who are blind or visually impaired. We are also affiliated with the following organizations.

    Northwest Kansas Association for the Visually Impaired, Inc.
    Pat Hall, President
    2602 Sherman Ave. #110
    Hays, KS 67601
    Phone: 785-628-6055  
    E-mail:  phall@media.net.net                                                                                                 
    meeting: second Saturday of the month

    Topeka Association for the Visually Impaired Service
    Michael Byington, President
    909 SW College
    Topeka Kansas 66606
    meeting: second Saturday of the month

    Southwest Kansas Association for the Visually Impaired
    Daisy Wasson, President
    11026 Garnett Rd.
    Dodge City KS 67801
    Phone: 620-227-2694                                                                                                              
    meeting: second Saturday of the month except June, July, and August

    Manhattan VIP Support Group                                                                                             Kathy Smith, contact person                                                                                              785 531 973                                                                                                                                 Meetings third Tuesday of each month, 2:00, Riley County Senior Center.

    Central Kansas Association for the Visually Impaired
    Paul Berscheidt, President
    2536 McBride Pkwy.
    Great Bend Ks 67530
    Phone: 620-793-5645

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    KABVI Membership Information:

    KABVI Membership is open to anyone who is interested. Membership is not required for receipt of KABVI NEWS. A membership application form , on which you can indicate your newsletter preferences, can be obtained by clicking on the link below. You may complete the form on your computer, then print it, or you may print the form and then fill it in manually. Please send your completed application and your $10.00 annual dues to:

    Robert Chaffin
    K A B V I Membership Secretary
    1105 Centennial Boulevard
    Hays, KS    67601

    Make checks payable to:  KABVI
    Be sure to specify whether you wish to receive materials in large print, tape-recorded format, Braille, or in text-file format on computer disk.

    Click here to go to Application Form

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