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Compiled By Nancy Johnson

SKAVI Southwest Kansas Association for the Visually Impaired: A Valentine party was held in February. In march, members learned to trust nobody and take no one for granted to protect against theft of personal identity. SKAVI now meets at the North Senior High Rise Apartments, 407 West Bend. Doors are locked on the week end, so come to the west door where someone will let you in. If you are very late, call 620-255-5888 for admission.

CKAVI Central Kansas Association for the Visually Impaired: CKAVI has a web site now as well as a spot on City Channel 20 TV. They are participating in the 2006 National Low Vision Support Group training sessions.

NKAVI Northwest Kansas Association for the Visually Impaired: Members learned about Kansas Legal Services in February. In march dealing with grief and depression were discussed. In April, members learned about early explorers of Kansas. Students who plan to attend a post-secondary college or training school are eligible to apply for a $500 scholarship. The application deadline is May 31. To apply, call Bob Chaffin at 785-628-2873.

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