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By Ann Byington

If you’re not a pet owner or pet-lover, skip this article. In my never-ending search for inexpensive pet-care products, I have found a company called dog.com which offers good prices on compressed rawhide, various treats by the pound, beds, collars and leashes, kongs and many other toys, and much, much more. You can order by phone or online and print catalogs are also available. As stated on their web site: “… our goal is simple – to provide both pet professionals and dog owners with: The best selection of dog supplies in stock and ready to ship at the best prices that dog supplies can be found anywhere, with the best service and speed of delivery; with news and forums about dogs, from health issues to grooming to funny stories; and all with the well-being and consideration of our four-legged friends in mind. … At dog.com you'll discover over ten thousand items (and growing) from the well known to a unique selection of hard-to-find specialty products. Throughout our catalog and website we provide the professional and enthusiast alike the best wholesale and discount dog and pet supplies available anywhere in the US.” Contact dog.com at 1-800-FOR-DOG7 (1-800-367-3647) or email us at: customerservice@dog.com.


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